How to Earn Extra Cash Online

Before getting started, let’s clear out a few pivotal points upfront!

Always Pay Caution to the Wind Before Kickstarting Online Gig

Keeping in mind different interests and skills, I have lined up a variety of jobs that can be done without putting studies on the back burner. To ensure there is no foul play or scamming, I’ve also suggested some freelancing websites that offer reliable jobs with a better pay. However, I would still caution you to move carefully and accept each offer with the eyes open. Also, never get swayed by the “Too good to be true” offerings as they might well be the part of massive scams.

As for the money that you will get from your job, it all depends on your skill-set and the type of work you do. For instance, you can get around $20 (per one/half hour) for online tutoring and around $50-80 for an article consisting of 500 words. Since most websites clearly mention the terms and conditions along with the jobs and pay that they offer, you can easily figure out how much you can earn. If they don’t mention upfront, make sure to clear out everything before you proceed. With that said, it’s time to explore the online jobs for students to earn extra cash!

1. Online Tutoring

As a student, you should always look for ways to enhance your skills even while doing a job. And what better way to hone your talent and share the experience than taking on an online tutoring job. It will help you not only earn money but also improve your skills. That too, without stretching your dedicated schedule.

2. Freelance Writing

Whether you are an aspiring writer or just love to write, freelance writing jobs can seamlessly fit into your student lifestyle. With an incredible rise in web journalism, the demand for content writers has gone sky-high. And if you know how to present your thoughts clearly, you can earn plenty of bucks right from your home. Depending on your interest like tech, fashion, business, entertainment or sports, you can choose your preferred topic to write on. What’s more, you also have the flexibility to decide how much work you want to take.

3. Resume Writer

Resume writing is an art. And if you think that you can excel in it, you shouldn’t give a miss to this niche sector. It can help you improve not only your writing skills but also boost your proofreading ability that can come in super handy as an editor. The best part is that it’s a skill that is relatively easy to acquire. As for the pay scale, you can earn between $15 – $25 an hour.

4. Translation Jobs

For the students who are multilingual and have a fairly good command over multiple languages, translation jobs are one of the better options for multiple reasons. First and foremost, there is always a high demand for good translators thanks largely to the ever-growing need to cater to the interest of a vast category of the audience coming from different parts of the world. Be it translating a document for a blog, proofreading a book, interpreting different languages or adding subtitles to a movie, you have a lot of options to take on.

5. Voice Over

Believe me, not everyone is born with a silken or commanding voice. So, if you think that your voice has a special touch, you shouldn’t fail to give a shot to voice over job. Based on your preferred language and the accent you have, you can get a voice-over gig for many jobs like impersonation, narration, dubbing, and even audiobooks. If you are willing to give it a chance, Fiverr and would be the right way to go as they not only offer exciting opportunities but also pay reasonably good bucks even to the talented newbies – let alone those who have years of expertise.

6. Search Engine Optimization /Social Media Marketing

Do I need to elaborate on why search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing have become a huge force to be reckoned with today? Just in case you aren’t familiar with these things, let me tell you that they have become probably the most potent tools for giving a website or a person more prominence online. So, what sort of skills you need to have to become a smart SEO/SMM guy? Well, you’ve got to be quite good at communication, understanding the behavior of people on the internet, and marketing.

7. Data Entry

What makes data entry jobs so popular and always in the hot demand is that they are pretty easy to do. Moreover, they are always available in large numbers. So, if you have good typing skills, you can get a data entry job without putting much effort. But beware of scammers who charge upfront as they may run away with your money.

8. Virtual Assistant Jobs

Another job that I would like to suggest learners is a virtual assistant. What I have found appreciable in this job is the flexibility that it offers. So, even if your time is already cramped with assignments and projects, chances are it can easily fit into your time. Thus, you can carry out the job while still being able to pay good attention to your studies.

9. Video Services and Animation

In an age where the video-sharing platforms like YouTube and TikTok rule the roost and have even produced sensational stars out of nowhere; video services and animation jobs are one of the most sought after jobs today. So, if you have the skill to create stunning videos, add animation or know how to get the best out of top-notch video-editing software packages.

10. Customer Services and Tech Support

Customer services and tech support are the sorts of jobs that students can easily do without impacting their studies. Unlike before, many companies hire candidates who carry out the work even from their home, which is great from a flexibility point of view. But keep in mind, such jobs demand you to have pretty good speaking ability and a fair amount of knowledge for tech support. And more significantly, you need to have a peaceful environment so that you can communicate with clients without any disturbance.

11. Online Survey

Another job that many students would find comfortable to do is an online survey. There are several renowned survey companies that need people to carry out an online survey and offer them accurate results. So, if you like to interact with people and know their interests, these jobs can be good for you. In my opinion, Swagbucks, and Toluna are the two most popular sites that offer legit online survey jobs to people. Moreover, they also pay better as compared to other sites.

12. Website Testing Jobs

Though not many of you may believe, there are plenty of website testing jobs online. Website owners require the actual feedback of users about how their site performs in a given situation. It helps them not only gauge problems but also enhance the overall performance of their websites. If you want to get an online website testing job ($10-$20/per test), be sure you have a webcam and microphone as they are the basic testing tools.

13. WordPress Website Designer

If you have the knack of designing WordPress websites, getting an online job that requires developing a modern-looking site shouldn’t be a big ask for you. Aside from helping you master your craft, it can also help you earn a good fortune. For the uninitiated, MySQL, HTML, CSS, PHP language, ASP.NET, Jquery, and Bootstrap are some of the important technologies that are needed for developing top-notch websites. Due largely to the flexibility and a massive repository of plug-ins, WordPress is quite popular. If you find this job interesting, UpWork and WP Hired would be the right platforms to explore the opportunities.

14. Presentation Designer

How about becoming a presentation designer? Well, if you have a penchant for creating an impressive presentation using popular apps like PowerPoint and Keynote, this is your thing. Today, a lot of companies look for the people who craft top-notch presentations that give the right shape to ideas and have the elements to inspire the audience. What’s more, they also pay handsome money to such designers. Want to get such jobs? Then, look no further than PeoplePerHour and Freelancer.

15. Sell Your Photos or Art

Last but not least, if you are good at photography or have the knack of creating amazing arts, then you can sell your creativity to earn plenty of extra money online. Yeah, you heard it right. Though there is no dearth of photographers and art creators in the world, there is a huge demand for out-of-the-box creation. So, whether you are craving to get the much-awaited breakthrough or have the much-needed exposure to hone your skills.

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